ResistoGLAS ®

The extensive range and capabilities of our Resistoglas is why SA Bullet is the most trusted and sought after glass manufacturers in the world.

We offer a wide range of Polyvinyl Butyral laminated glass, including chemically strengthened glass, which can be supplied in various confor bullet, blunt force and vandal attack.

Resize of SAM_0867

A sound reducing laminated glass for homes, office blocks , hospitals and factories. This glass is ideal to separate yourself from the noise and give you the peace and quiet you deserve. Our Resistoglas DB has shown incredible reduction in decibel levels and we can manufacture it to your specific requirements.


Anti-bandit laminated glass for resistance to manual attack, will include various options depending on the risk. High risk situations require the safety that the worlds best can provide. Capable of withstanding incredible blunt force trauma without faulting.

Resistoglas® DECORATIVE

The most exciting range of colourful patterns including logos inside and on the surface of your glass. We are capable of producing glass to your specifications and fulfilling orders meticulously and punctually.