Audio Service Windows

This versatile service window for internal applications can be mounted in a finished opening or built into a wall.

Speech takes place through specially designed mullions that form part of the framing. Where this method is not required our hands off intercom system type A227 or B56 may be included.

Frame – Options

This may be of mild steel primed and finished.
Aluminium framing is in natural anodised, bronze or black.

Audio service window ASS 915 mm x 915 mm PT1

Glazing materials – options

  • Either hardwood, stainless steel or formica (usually used only to match existing decor).
  • Counter width: 350 mm, 550 mm, 650mm, 750mm, 850mm, 1000mm.

Pass through – options

  • A choice can be made as to the type of pass through an the number required e.g. series ASD can have PT1, or PT2 or both of a kind.

Glass – options

  • Safety glass, anti-bandit glass, bullet resistant glass.
  • Various qualities of glass may be supplied to match security requirements,eg 20mm
  • Anti-bandit glass; 52mm for riflies like AK47.
  • Depending on the frames chosen the glazing will be supplied separately.