Architectural Glass

We are one of the leading glass manufacturers in Southern Africa. As a preferred glass manufacturer, we are at the forefront of quality and service in all glass matters.

We have many years of experience in glass manufacturing. We process glass for a wide range of architectural and home buildings and is used everywhere from beautiful quality interiors to tough quality exteriors. All the glass is produced to meet the highest international standards to ensure you get the best service and quality from our exceptional range.

Being a leading glass manufacturing company in South Africa, our products come with the quality associated with being the best. We offer a wide range of architectural products to suit your needs. We manufacture to your needs and can produce the highest quality element and energy glass in the country, from light to heat control our glass is the right solution.

The reason we have remained a leading glass manufacturer is because we offer an extensive range of glass to suit your needs. We ensure the quality and service you have come to expect from everyone here at SA Bullet with in-house testing facilities and leading equipment. With processing strengths that include edging, polishing, toughening, beveling, drilling and precision cutting into simple and complex shapes we are the preferred glass manufacturers in South Africa. Through innovative designs and constant adaption to changing market trends you can rest assured that you have come to the right people for the job.

Our unrivaled experts in the Glass industry work closely with you to ensure complete customer satisfaction. This coupled with the highest international accreditation means you are receiving value for money when dealing with SA Bullet and can be assured that you are getting the very best glass from the very best.