Why Choose SA Bullet Resistant Glass Company?

Simply put – because you have seen and loved our products before. Every time you have seen a building made beautiful by glass or felt a sturdy glass door or tapped on a cashier window chances are that glass you know and love is our glass.

We have been supplying top quality glass since 1981 and constantly strive to deliver the best glass in the world.

SA Bullet is world renowned for the quality of our products and the exception service we offer. We strive to deliver the very best and work with our customers in mind. We have the most experienced and decorated team in the country. The very core team has remained unchanged while new employees are trained and shown how we operate to ensure that our quality is as you expect from the leading glass manufacturers.

This is how we manage to deliver the quality and service that the world has come to expect from us, and how we will continue to be the leading glass company.

WE dont just say we’re the best, we’ve proved it!

We are proud to say that we finished first in independent international glass tests. Our glass was put to the ultimate test, shielding from a bomb blast. Glass companies from around the world put their products to the test and failed where ours succeeded. The picture shown on the right is testament to the exceptional quality of our products. Every glass put to the test had the same dimensions to be completely fair. When the bomb went off various pieces of shrapnel hit our glass and we are proud to say it withstood them all.

Our products have proven their exceptional quality in more than just controlled tests. Our glass has saved lives in real world cases where armed attackers have shot at, bludgeoned, and tried various other attempts to break our glass but failed.

There is a reason there is a person in the centre of our logo, that is because we focus on you. Your safety and glass requirements are our biggest concern and we know that you rely on the quality of our glass. We were founded in 1981 and have the same visionary founder leading the company with new innovative designs and concepts constantly being brought in to keep us at the number 1 glass company ranking that we have maintained since our establishment. We take great pride in saving lives and buying valuable time with our products.